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SwatOperator USA

Rescue Task Force Pin

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Center Mass has created the new Rescue Task Force Pin to be used by anyone from patrol officers who risk their lives, to the fire and medic personnel making entry to do medicine in dangerous places, to the definitive care professionals, our mission is the same; to save lives. One team, one mission, one unifying symbol.  For more information on the RTF Insignia click HERE!

This insignia was designed by CMI to help build Esprit De Corps between all the stake holders that impact the outcome of life or death to the victims of crime, terrorism and mother nature herself. The law enforcement equivalent is known as the Tactical Patrol Officer Insignia™

The appeal of the RTF insignia is that it is very professional looking, not overly aggressive or politically incorrect and symbolizes the ideal characteristics of a Rescue Task Force team member.

  • Shield: The protection that RTF team members provide to the community
  • Sword: The honor & integrity with which RTF team members must conduct themselves.
  • Lightning Bolt: The speed required to save lives
  • Axe: The special equipment required to save lives
  • Star of Life: Safety, Medicine & Life.

Dimensions: 1.25" tall x 1.3" wide